Critter Recognition

Does anyone know of any software (aside from google) which will differentiate between your critters?

Have you tried Seek by iNaturalist?

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Merlin Bird ID from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology is excellent. Multiple ways to identify birds – including a feature where you record the bird singing and the app does a pretty good guess at what it heard.

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Do you mean software that can distinguish, say, one of your dogs from another? Sort of like facial recognition in Apple Photos?

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That is exactly what I am interested in!

I have that already downloaded to my iPad Air but it keeps crashing. I don’t think that is exactly what I am looking for but I’m sure I’d love it. Now to find the icon so I can delete it and reinstall. (Done!)

How neat! I already have that on my iPad Air and my iPhone. I recently bought some binoculars I should start using them!

Thanks! Not exactly what I am looking for but very cool nevertheless!