Cross-device syncing (not Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, etc.)

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Resilio Sync Home works well for me. I’ve been using it two years now, with no complaints.

It is cross platform, and supports

  • Mobile
    • iOS, Android, and Amazon(?)
  • Desktop
    • Windows 7+
    • macOS 10.8+
    • Linux (i386, x64, i386(glibc 2.3), x64(glibc 2.3), ARM, ARMHF
    • FreeBSD (i386, x64)
  • NAS
    • Drobo
    • FreeNAS (TrueNAS)
    • Western Digital
    • Netgear
    • Qnap
    • Synology
    • asustor
    • Seagate

I’m currently using on the systems in bold above.

One of the great things about it is you can sync any folders you want, not just “Dropbox (your long ass company name here)”, or “OneDrive (long ass company name here too)”.

It can also do selective sync, which I use on my laptop, and you can share files with people by sending them a link (haven’t needed that).

That is fantastic. Thank you. I will take a look… may have finally found my solution!!

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Oh my… that is such a quick sync too.

Looks too good to be true…

There must be some negative?!?

This is exactly what I have been looking for! iPad and MacBook in sync… does seem too good to be true.

It can be a bit cumbersome to manage the folders - unless you buy the pro license. And because it’s BitTorrent based, it can be blocked on some external networks (perhaps not an issue for your use case, but does raise issues with me)

But generally not a lot of issues. I’ve been using it since it was BitTorrent Sync and it works nicely.

I paid for the license as the selective sync function is excellent and extremely helpful for syncing to my laptop.

You are selling it to me even more. As you say I am a pretty simple use case. Just want to make sure I can get at certain files across all devices should I never need to. I am not a lover of iCloud and find their selective downloaded documents a pain…

How is the integration with the Files app on iPhone and iPad? Most alternative solutions that I know, fail at that.

Resilio sync has been rock solid for me from the time when they were still Bittorrent sync. It does most of the heavy lifting between my macs, synology and my linux machines without issues.
I’d totally recommend it!

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For that works as well. It’s a 3rd party location in the files app, so shows up when selected

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Nice. And is it with full functionality? Services like MEGA and Stack Storage also appear in the files app, but on opening it’s more of a pop-up.

How does this compared with SyncThing which is open source and free

genuinely curios

Oh no… not another option???

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It shows as a destination and opens as a folder with subfolders for me

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Somehow I’m late to the game on this as I’m always promoting Resilio Sync, which I’ve used for at least six years now. The only time I’ve ever had it fail is when a computers clock is off – this will cause it to stop syncing if there is too much difference in time. Also it works best if at least one computer is on 24/7 because it takes two computers turned on to sync between them. So even though I’m mainly syncing between my desktop and notebook computers, a third computer (our server) is synced to as well. It basically makes it into a personal cloud.

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SyncThing was built to match Resilo back when it was BitTorrent Sync so they’ve been around a similar time and do a similar job.

From my perspective Resilo is easier to setup - each host on SyncThing had to be introduced to each other, unless one was set as an “introducer”. I did find Syncthing managed to get around firewall issues I have with Resilo but it was just a bit of a pain. When I tried Syncthing, initially it wasn’t able to detect when a file had changed (it needed a third party program for that) so would have to regularly rescan the folder. There’s more flexibility, because you can change how it synced (like sync largest file first, oldest file first etc), you could change the versioning of files if you wanted (number of versions, no versions and others!) and you could do more with it as a power user (sync in one direction only, having a master “server” etc) .

Resilo has been set and forget.

My only complaint would be that the name of the shared folder is the name of the folder - on my Synology my photo folder had to sync to it as my username, as I was using Photostation.

that’s great to hear. May I ask, when did you try Syncthing. Curious if it was recent.

Probably about a year ago in passing, but more detailed trial was about three or four years ago.

I used Resilio Sync Pro for a while to sync between Mac, Windows, and iOS. It worked well enough. Any outside sharing requires the other user to also have Resilio. I was hoping it would just offer a download (but that’s my specific need). Bigger issue is they don’t update often. So the Mac version is still on Intel, and if I recall it became a hog on my M1. Once I disabled it, performance improved. I now pay for iCloud and that does what I need.

Is there a good way to back up what’s on iCloud? I’m scared of deleting something by accident…

It would appear not now. Activity monitor suggests it’s ARM optimised (I guess it’s a Universal app, but I don’t recall seeing update notes for it - running v2.7.2)

EDIT: Seems it’s been M1 native since June according to this thread and from @tjluoma