Cross-Platform Advice

I’m in the unfortunate situation of having to spend all day on an IT managed Windows laptop for my job that doesn’t let me install any software. Would love some advice on apps for basic daily tasks (productivity, documents, finances, notes, etc.) that are great on iOS and Mac and also have great web interfaces that I can access on my work computer during the day. Appreciate the tip!!

Microsoft To-Do is decent and getting better, and Microsoft’s more powerful Wunderlist app/service (which they will be sunsetting eventually) is getting better. If you’ve got a Windows laptop you already have some Office 365 setup installed already, so could you use Outlook etc to share/read your existing info?

What about accessing your Mac file/reminders/spreadsheets/notes from

Easiest full-featured alternative is Google, of course: Tasks/Keep, Docs, etc.


Todoist works well across the platforms and has a web app. Trello is web-based, and Toggl has multiple platforms. One Note or Evernote as a catchall for notes.


So the further downside is that I can not use the built in Microsoft apps for personal use. I mean sure, I could type up a document and then upload it somewhere separate, but they are all tied to a business Office 365 account that is only for work use.

Currently I’m mostly using the G-Suite apps but I’m not extremely happy with how they function on iOS and Mac. (I hate the new Google Drive syncing tool) For now, that’s the best I’ve found though.

Try logging into iCloud’s website and see how well you can get along with Reminders, Pages, Notes etc inside a web browser - at least that way you don’t have to migrate anything from your Apple-based apps and services, and you’ll still be able to work with all that info. If that doesn’t work for you for some reason and you don’t want to use Google then you may need to consider a piecemeal approach to cross-platform apps for different functions. (There are other free suites to consider, like Zoho, but I think Apple and Google and maybe Dropbox offer the best options for personal productivity.)



That is 1) just plain stupid and 2) unenforcable.

Of course, if you don’t have access to external storage, that would pose a problem, but I have a hard time understanding that the licence could in any way limit the content produced.

Maybe I should clarify. I can use the apps individually, but they’re all synced with a business account that I then cannot access on my personal devices. So, the only way to use them is to manually download, edit, and re-upload files to a Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. because I cannot install any of these cloud services locally on the laptop.

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I agree. After some experimenting today and seeing the comments here, I’m thinking this is my best bet. I did this years ago at a previous job and experienced some sync issues when editing on, but I know Apple has gotten much better at their sync services so it’s probably worth another shot. Thanks!

You can go 1Password X which is a very good Chome client for 1Password.
OmniFocus web is still new. But once launched by OmniGroup it should be great.

The following apps have web interface:

  1. Evernote
  2. Todoist
  3. Trello

I have been working for years on similar setup and my main complain was always OmniFocus. I am happy to see a web version coming.