Cross-platform Hook alternative

I am trying to find a way to create links to files (typically stored in iCloud Drive) that function like Hook, but are cross-platform. My current platforms are all Apple, but I don’t have a way to create an embeddable link to a file (typically PDF) in various apps (commonly OmniFocus & Obsidian).

Any thoughts?

I would love this as I use Windows sometimes and it’d be nice to be able to access files that way too.

At this point I haven’t found a solution. I’m just not sure there is one since Windows treats file URLs differently than macOS. There is a Hook for iOS coming so I am hoping that maybe it might be cross platform eventually.


Hook 3.2 was recently released. It has iCloud sync, because, as the release note says:

iCloud syncing, for compatibility with Hook’s upcoming companion app for iPhone and iPad.


I never knew about this. I use Hook lots and an iOS app will be fantastic.

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Go @LucCogZest go! Looking forward to seeing this come to fruition!