Cross platform (macOS, iOS, Linux) clipboard?

The cross-device clipboard in the Apple ecosystem is very nice. Having gotten used to that, I would like to extend it to Linux.

Unfortunately, even if paired, Apple disallows transferring anything over Bluetooth to iPhone.

Just text would work, other files would be helpful.

Hoping for:

  • very little friction
  • end-to-end encryption, or local to my network would be best so I could transfer passwords

I can use a cross-platform notes app (Obsidian, SimpleNote, etc) , but that a good bit of friction.

Would appreciate any suggestions.

Interesting question. There is this, but I’ve not tried it:

And the are a number of things on GitHub, l liked this one the best

Thanks @MevetS , will have a look!

I finally got around to setting up Linux, Kubuntu, on an old Mac mini. And today I got Barrier, a software KVM switch (although it is really just a KM switch) running (there is an extra step needed with Monterey - Stack Overflow to the rescue!).

Anyway, Barrier enables a shared clipboard. And I was able to copy/paste from macOS to Kubuntu and back again.

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I think I’ve found the answer!
KDE Connect works between all monitor platforms and mobile devices. So far I’ve only used the shared clipboard function, but there is lots more to explore.