Crossover and Dragon Profession

With the discontinuance of Dragon for Mac voice dictation, I am wondering if anyone has any experience with using Crossover to run Dragon Profession v 15 (i.e., the Windows version)?

My colleagues who use Windows rave about Dragon (for Windows) which seems to be lots more powerful and useful than the Mac version ever was. However, I am loathe to go down the whole Bootcamp or Parallels path. Also Crossover is on sale at the moment.

Thanks for any comments.


Wow. Completely forgot about the Crossover option. Subscribed to this topic, since this would certainly be an intriguing solution, if viable/possible!

I don’t have experience with Dragon and Crossover, but as someone who tried Crossover for several years and finally gave up, I would urge you not to get your hopes up.

I found that it never really lived up to its marketing.

I’d be looking for a trial version first, if possible.

(It has been probably 3+ years since I tried Crossover, so maybe it made remarkable progress since then, but I’d be surprised, honestly.)

I don’t have experience with crossover directly. But, I belong to a Facebook group for Dragon. The consensus was that crossover was absolutely horrible for running Dragon.

Cheers! Looks like that is a dud option then.

I try Crossover a couple or three times a year and whenever they announce a new version, and always delete it. The experience of using Windows apps of anything but minimal complexity is horrible on Crossover, I find.

If you are looking to use Windows apps on your Mac, then use Parallels or Bootcamp or VMware Fusion. Check with their forums, first, to ensure compatibility with Dragon.

Thanks. It really does seem like Crossover is not a good idea.