Cull photos on iOS

I seem to recall somewhere back in time David mentioned an app for iOS that would allow you to simply cull your photos library. Something to the effect of having it display your photos one at a time in order and if you didn’t want it you swipe one way, and if you did you swipe the other.

Seemed like a good utility (assuming it exists). My library is unruly, taking up lots of iCloud space, and I know I could make it more lean by cutting out a lot of cruft. The task just seems too large. Anything to simplify it would be great.

Thought I’d ask.

If I recall it correctly, that was BestPhotos:

Not Flic?

Flic | Delete & Manage Photos by Lifehack Labs

David recommended Flic back in MPU 392 but it looks like he later had issues with it and switched to BestPhotos:

I’ve been using Slidebox. It works okay but is pretty barebones (at least for culling). BestPhotos might be a better match to what I’m doing these days.

Another thread. Another app purchase. Thanks.

Thank you! This must be it. Will give it a try.

This type of app must not have a particularly large base. Neither flic nor BestPhotos has been updated in more than a year. (At least Slidebox got an update 2 months ago.)

Yeah, I noticed. It’s a little surprising that it isn’t better maintained, but I downloaded Best Photos and I’ve been flicking away for a little while, and it seems to do exactly what I’d hoped it would. Nice little app.

BestPhotos had an update 1 week ago. Version 2 arrived 7 months ago, with updates in between.

Thanks, that’s good to hear. I was using an app-tracking website which stopped catching updates since last May!

I like BestPhotos. Pretty easy and fast to use. I’ve noticed some stability issues in particular with the geo tagging feature.

In last week’s ATP.FM, one of the sponsors was Slidebox. This is the first time I heard about this app and I came to MPU for an opinion and was surprised to find a discussion back in 2019!

So, do you think Slidebox is still good or Best Photo is a better one for cleaning up the Photo Library and filing things away?

How about HashPhotos?

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Still using Best Photos myself… have had no issues.