Curb Your Enthusiasm - Siri Joke

In the latest episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, there is a scene where Larry is trying to get directions from Siri to Wolfsglen restaurant. He begins by saying “Directions to Wolfsglen”, Siri responds “Directions to Great Wolf Lodge”, he clarifies “Woflsglen Restaurant” Siri responds “One option I see is Woods Garden Supply on Benedict Canyon”. Larry keeps trying to get Siri to give him directions and she keeps giving irrelevant responses. Of course Larry gets more and more frustrated and starts cursing and calling Siri a moron. It’s so hilarious because we’ve all been in that situation. This can’t be a good look for Apple.


Saw that and laughed very hard :laughing:

Based on a true story.


It’s NOT that hilarious when we’re IN that situation. :grinning:

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