Curio 26 is out - is it worthwhile to upgrade?

I received an email that Curio 26 is out with key new features being able to connect to ChatGPT and/or Bard. I bought Curio standard version 20 and has not upgraded since.

I am not a heavy user of Curio , although it can become handy sometimes.

Just wondering more seasoned users of Curio think it is worthwhile to upgrade (especially I am 6 version behind)


Curio is a well written app with a solid, respected developer and user support base. Each update has added a focused set of useful new features while cleaning out bugs and streamlining internal operations. You will not go wrong to upgrade for any of these reasons: to support continued development, to squash bugs, or to gain new features.

I imagine otherwise only you can say whether the upgrade is mission critical in your … it can become handy sometimes … approach.



I’m on Curio 22. Between that and 25 it has mostly been quality of life stuff so I haven’t felt the urge to upgrade.

What I’m most interested in 26 is the way that elements can be linked together, so that when one is moved, they all move in concert - in a way that seems better and easier than grouping.

Of course, the GPT stuff might be fun as well.


I’d say yes, I’m trying to make Curio the only notes app I use (along with apple notes, for notes I need to colaborate with my GF) and it has been great. I usually prefer this kind of apps that have YEARS of development behind them and that don’t look generic. I don’t mind it being exclusive to the Mac, if need something I export it as a PDF to see it on my phone and if I have ideas on the go I write them on a moleskine and later see where they fit. This because I don’t really see my iphone as a deep work tool.

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I’m having a lot of fun with ChatGPT and Bard on the sleuth of Curio. It’s handy to have them there instead of going to the browser.

I use Curio 26. Even though I don’t use all its features, I find it extremely valuable for managing projects and ideas.

In case you haven’t seen it, it might be easier to see the changes in each version using the “version history” at the App Store