Curious about something with Apple Podcasts

Just curious about how the review-system in Apple Podcasts actually work.

I just submitted a rating and a written review for a podcast inside the Apple Podcasts app.

But having completed the review and the rating, I don’t see either anywhere. Why is that?

Reviews can take up to two weeks before they appear (no guarantees), and when they do it’s apparently only in your own geographic region.

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So many things wrong with that. Why should podcast reviews be reviewed and by whom. And why should they be limited to my region. Makes no sense

I think Apple rightly wants to prevent gaming of the review system, they want to prevent YouTube-like brigading or scamming, and they understand that reviews in multiple languages tend to turn off people who don’t understand those other languages. Ever notice why you don’t see Japanese, Korean or Chinese-language reviews in the App Stores? Same thing. Apple has the right to police its forums and its review sections, and doing that is overall a better experience than a Wild West atmosphere in a tower of Babel.


Yeah sounds reasonable

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