Currency converter (like AnyRate Pro)?

AnyRate (Pro) is my favourite currency converter App:

Unfortunately it does no longer seem to update currency rates and thus got useless…

I can’t even find this App in the App Store anymore!

What can be a good alternative?

  • Universal App (iPhone & iPad; Mac would be a bonus)
  • With a clean UI
  • Without ads
  • With a simple calculator (for tax calculations)
  • Does not have to be free, but no subscription (for this kind of App)

XE currency converter works on iOS and is free. Also has a nice Watch app (that’s a pretty handy use case)

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I created a converter in shortcuts using the api at
It can give you conversions and historical data, and all the nice nerdy stuff.

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Looks like I finally found a replacement I like :smile:

(universal: iPhone, iPad, Mac & Apple Watch, clean/modern UI, calculator, ads can be removed with single €3,49 purchase)

nice one! (though I’m sticking with the home-brew one :slight_smile: I don’t do many conversions privately)

Warning: after purchasing the IAP I noticed that graphs don’t work at all.

(contacted the author; hope he can/will fix that)