Current MacOS acting weird

Hi Gang,
I’m running an M1 Mac Studio. In the last couple of days, I’ve noticed the selected program or window within a program will “jump” to another program or window within a program. It seems to be happening routinely very frequently. I’ve updated everything. I’ve run both onyx and clear my Mac and anti virus from clean my max and Malwarebytes.
Any hep would be appreciated.

Sounds like a flaky mouse. Do you have another one you could at least temporarily switch to?

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I thought I had that but the real issue was me scrolling to the top part of another window open under the one I was working in. Then the system helpfully pops that one nd its application to the front. Total PITA if you are scrolling up to get to a command on the top bar and end up in a differetn app and window entirely.

If anyone knows how to turn that behavior off let me know!

I repeatedly scrolled a partially hidden window to the top and could never get it to switch to that window without clicking on it. I don’t see any way to configure that. Perhaps its some utility program running that is doing it?

Mouse, now there is a thought. I have a Magic Touchpad.

I’ll have to check.

Will report back. Thanks!


It didn’t work. I turned off and on the mouse and plugged it into the computer.

I see the screen flicker. I had unplugged / plugged the screen to the Mac Studio. I hope this is not a virus.


Do you have the same problem when you are in Safe Mode?

I suggest you try creating a new User Account on the Mac. That can help to distinguish between a hardware problem (which will cause problems on any user account) vs a software issue/malware (which often is restricted to only a specific user account).


I went into safe mode and had no issues. Now I’m thinking its a software issue (pray not a virus - I ran CMM and Malwarebites. Nothing. But I ran Norton found a bunch and deleted them). But still have issue.



Is the switching random or is there a pattern? Perhaps to the prior frontmost app? Does it switch to the same app or set of apps, ignoring others?

Could it be an app that is updating in the background which jumps to the foreground when something completes or updates?