Cursor suddenly jumping across the screen ...?

This is on an M1 MBA with a Magic Trackpad 2. I’ll mouse over a button and give it a click, and suddenly the cursor will be halfway across the screen.

This morning it was in Mail. I highlighted some text, went to click the drop-down menu, clicked, and all of a sudden my cursor was over on the right-hand side of the screen.

It’s not always to the right. Sometimes it’s left, sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s down. It’s not always the same distance either. The only commonality seems to be that it coincides with the clicking action (tap-to-click, not a physical click). And it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere specific, like auto-selecting a button or something.

It happens rarely enough that it’s hard to isolate, but when it does happen it can be very jarring. Double-clicking especially can produce weird results, as it moves after the first click.

I have Keyboard Maestro installed, but I disabled all the macros for troubleshooting. The issue still occurs.

The trackpad is actually direct-connected with a lightning cable, so it shouldn’t be a Bluetooth issue.

As far as I can tell this wasn’t an issue on my 2018 Mac Mini (used up until a month or so ago). It’s only been an issue since I switched to the MBA. Any ideas?

This appears to be a known problem since Big Sur but also still there in macOS 12.0.1. There’s more info on it in the first point of this article:


Ugh, that sucks. Thanks for the link!

You’re welcome. Sorry I wasn’t a bearer of good news. I just happened to read this article earlier today.

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What’s the use case for using an external trackpad on a MacBook Air?

Using it mounted with bigger display. That’s how I am using mine.

This. I use the MBA in clamshell mode with a USB-C dock on my desk. Then when I want to take it with me, I just unplug the one USB-C cable.

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Same issue using the bluetooth Magic TrackPad. Well known bug that is very annoying. I haven’t noticed it occurring so much using the built in trackpad on the laptop.

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Still having the issue I described in:

and it seems to be getting worse. Either that or it’s just affecting me more. The other day the “jump” happened and because it was in the middle of a click, it landed such that it closed out a window that I was using. It’s getting ridiculous.

I tried a trackball last night, and I just don’t like it nearly as much.

Is there anything even close to the Magic Trackpad, from a pure “trackpad” perspective? I realize that most of the gestures are specific to the device, but I’d be happy with basic cursor movement, and solid left/right-click capabilities. I can reprogram a key on my keyboard for most of the other stuff.

Not being familiar with the extent of the issue I’m experiencing (and as noted on Eclectic Light, linked from the above post), I’m wondering if a Magic Mouse would have the same issue. I know its top surface does some of the stuff.

Any thoughts / advice?

I think my Magic Mouse is in a drawer someplace. Consigned to the limbo that all badly designed products belong (speaking only IMO – don’t tell me I’m wrong :dotted_line_face: )

I hated it more than I’ve ever disliked a tracking/pointing device. I could not get used to the surface feel and its small area.

Fair enough - it’s pretty small. By “surface feel”, do you mean the feel of the top surface? Or how it felt moving across your desk?

I prefer a trackpad that has a small amount of resistance, which the MM did not have, and I didn’t like the curved surface.

I recently had a brief dalliance with a Magic Mouse, after a week or two it was just terribly painful.

Can you take your computer to the Genius Bar?
Still under AppleCare? You could call.

The trackpad on the M1 Air is fine. It’s using it in clamshell with the separate Magic Trackpad 2 that’s the issue.

The M1 is under AppleCare, but honestly they burned well over 2 hours of my time and wanted me to completely reinstall macOS to troubleshoot an issue answering iPhone calls on my Mac - I’m not keen on calling them for weirdness with a trackpad and wasting hours more time jiggling handles while we go down their checklists.

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I get this same ‘jumping’ problem with the built in trackpad on my 2015 MBP. Also since Big Sur. Also find it quite ridiculous!