Custom cards for Wallet app?

Is there a way within the app itself or through some other app to make custom cards for Wallet for iPhone? I do not carry an actual wallet; I have a MagSafe wallet that I love but it only holds 2-3 credit cards, so loyalty cards and my COVID vaccination card are not high enough priority to include, but it would be useful to have access to these all the time. a precursory App Store search turned up Wallet Creator and Pass2U Wallet but neither fits the bill.

Why don’t they fit the bill?

What do you need that they don’t offer?

I’ve used Pass2U, it’s not brilliant but it did a job.

You can do this with a background image in the event pass type in Pass2U.

Developers are limited to what the wallet system allows. Apple only allows a full background image on passes categorized as for events. Here’s a link to the layout Pass2U has to use (but you can delete all the text to just show your photo.)

Pass2U also has many templates incl Covid passes built by others. These can be reused with your own data.

There is also Makepass in the AppStore allowing you to recreate loyalty card barcodes.

In the iOS AppStore you might look for StoCard, which allows some cards to be exported the the Wallet.

Another solution for loyalty cards could be Mobile-Pocket in the iOS AppStore. It is a seperate wallet for loyalty cards. It too has many templates.

Your milage may vary, but I have had most luck with Pass2U

Consider StoCard for supermarket and drugstore loyalty cards. I’ve been using it a long time and it works well for me. Also, I like being able to have the barcode appear on my Apple Watch – I just hold out my arm for the cashier to scan or swipe my wrist by the scanner.

I looked at doing this a while back, but now I just create a PDF of my vaccination card, etc. and keep them in the

+1 for the StoCard app. It’s been great for all my loyalty cards

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