Customise Shortcuts notifications

I just came across a setting that allows you to customise your notifications preferences for Shortcuts (since it isn’t in the Notifications section).

  1. Settings
  2. Screen Time
  3. See All Activity
  5. Select the Shortcuts app (you might need to wait a while for the grey chevron to appear on the right)
  6. Change your notifications :slight_smile:

If you don’t have any Shortcuts that send you an alert, then you can turn them off, or you can at least make them less intrusive.

Won’t work for everyone as (me included) like to receive notifications to do something at a certain time, and currently I get two notifications (one that the Shortcut is running, and then the Notification I set up) which is pretty annoying, but hey, thought I’d share anyway.


Ha, amazing find. It is funny that these options aren’t available via a Shortcuts listing on the main setting screen nor via Settings → Notifications.

I disabled lock screen and notification centre, but left banners on. No more “Your shortcut has run” notifications cluttering my lock screen. Fantastic! Thank you for sharing!

I use this trick, but somehow the setting often resets and I have to perform the trick again.

Hope it gets better in iOS 15.4, because this has been discovered in the first beta:


Don’t break my heart, rob
Is this really going to happen

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I sure hope so!

(even if they sometimes pop up in the daily overview, as has been suggested)

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