Customizable homepage and/or new tab page?

I’m looking for something that mainly allows me to keep a group of my most-used links on my homepage and on new tab pages. Didn’t really find anything on the Mac App Store. Would prefer something local vs something based on a web page.

Are you using Safari 15?
It has Favorites.

And it has tab groups.

If you’re open to Vivaldi, it has Web Panels on the side.

Not sure if that’s exactly what you’re asking for.

You could create a very basic html document that contains a list of those links and store it anywhere on your local drive. Safari will let you use that as your home page. I’ve done that for many years. For more than one Mac, you could store it in iCloud Drive.

Mine is a little more complex than this, but this would get you started:

	    <a href="">MPU Talk</a>
	    <a href="">TidBITS Talk</a>

Safari can do this natively. Bookmarks, frequently used pages and those sent to you.

More on how to customize Safari: Customize the start page in Safari on Mac - Apple Support

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For some reason I had in my Homepage, and I was confusing that with Safari’s Start Page - The link you provided is pretty much what I was needing - thanks!

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I too made my own custom home pages for many years until the Favorites feature in Safari got good enough.