Cut Cable TV help

@MacSparky was talking about how he cut the cord awhile ago and he seemed to like it. Just looking for more input, it’s getting expensive, I’m in NYC if anyone has any suggestions. I have Netflix, Amazon Prime, and the cheap Hulu plan cause so get it for free from Sprint. Anyone miss cable? Do you pay for anything separately?

We just have Netflix and Prime and have been fine with it. We had one of the more expensive Hulu plans, but found we weren’t using it. Our use is about an hour of TV a day, so this all made perfect sense for my house.

Between Netflix, Hulu, and Sling TV we have so much to watch that it is ridiculous. No regrets on cutting the cord almost 10 years ago now.

But what do you about local news?

I have an inexpensive indoor antenna that plugs into the back of my tv to access local channels. In addition, I have Netflix and Prime but I don’t use Prime often.

Local TV news is for the most part a wasteland of bite-sized 2-minute news bits, titillating come-ons, and sports/weather you could get faster on the web. I get more, better news online than I ever got from sitting and watching local news.

I’ve found that Google News is rather good at assembling local news. Picking a city at random, here’s what happens at when you enter San Diego in that site’s searchbar:

And Google News also offers a sidebar of related searches you can use or save/follow:

I haven’t missed cable in 18 years. (Although I have Spectrum cable for internet only, at $40/month, and am considering switching to much faster FiOS for the same price.) I have Amazon Prime but hardly use it. I mostly watch rented/purchased TV and movies and streamed things. And I watch an increasing aount of content from YouTube. I get my news almost entirely from Google News, Apple News, (subscription),, Twitter lists (especially with collated links via and RSS feeds. Plus the occasional torrent.

I have an Nvidia Shield with a TV tuner & Plex that allows me to record HD OTA with a mudflap antenna. That and Prime are my primary sources and I subscribe to CBS All Access occasionally (Star Trek), as well as Netflix and Hulu.

Not counting Prime, which I keep primarily for free shipping, I’m subscribing to about 1.5 paid services a month. There’s not enough on any of them worth paying for every month.

We don’t miss cable or satellite at all. Every :tv: in the house has an appletv hooked up to it. Right now we subscribe to hulu with HBO, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. On rare occasion, like for the final season of GOT, there was a buffering issue with so many people flooding the network.

I did bump up our Xfinity service to 1gbps which in tandem with Amplifi mesh network has made it super easy for everyone to live with.

We cut the cord about 3 years ago, that said our mix of services isn’t that much less expensive than Comcast was before. We do Netflix, Amazon prime (I don’t really count the cost as we have it for the shipping foremost), HBO go, and hulu Live with no ads. Together that’s still ~$85/month. We are looking for an alternative to Hulu Live, still haven’t found something that is that much cheaper that gives us the shows we want. Which is fine, but the wife doesn’t really like the Hulu interface.

We’ve gotten by on Amazon Prime and Netflix both a streaming and DVD plan for almost 20 years. Never have missed cable. I wish I could get more UK TV shows but then I’d have to make time to watch them so ok with how it is.