Daily Morning Alarm with radio station on Homepod

Is there a way to create a daily alarm to play a certain station on the Homepod? I currently have this setup using a TuneIn station (XPN) on my Sonos.

I’m just learning how to use this Homepod.



Maybe similarly, is there a way to invoke Siri to play a Spotify playlist directly on the Homepod?

The only alarm I know of in HomePod is the alarm. You cannot apply a wake-up song, playlist, or radio station.

With recent updates to iOS 13 you can create automations innShortcuts that execute at specific times (there are other triggers). An automation can activate other accessories and play audio from Apple Music. All of Apple Music is available for playing.

I have my morning automation turn on the kitchen lights and shuffle my classical music playlist. Unfortunately it doesn’t play the playlist, instead it shuffles my entire music library. Wish I knew why, perhaps there is some latency with my lousy broadband.

Thanks. It seems that the only music it can play is from an Apple Music subscription. I can’t even play my music catalog which is in Apple Music.

I’ve had one day with the Homepod and I have had a Sonos Play1 for several years and to no surprise, the Sonos’ capabilities just are so easy to use. I obviously understand that Apple walls off certain things while Sonos tries to tie into a lot of services but I find it aggravating.

I really want to love this Homepod and I’ve got 14 days to trial it. It seems absurd to have both the Homepod and the Sonos depending on what I need them to do. Note: I really want Airplay2.

I’m not sure why you can’t play your Apple Music. That is the one thing it seems to do well, that and handling my smart lights – I’m very pleased with that.

When I bought into HomePod I wasn’t a music-streaming subscriber and didn’t have Alexa. If I had already invested in Sonos I doubt I’d have bothered with HomePod.

My experience has been patchy partly from the long wait for key software updates but mostly from Siri problems. Some commands for certain podcasts it just refuses to recognize. I have to stream some podcasts from my iPad like some kind of caveman. Very frustrating. After years (since the beginning of Siri) of complaining to Apple, Siri finally recognizes that my town of Lewes, Delaware is not actually Lewis, New York. I was thrilled with that improvement until this morning when I asked the HomePod a local question and it said I’d have to turn on Location Services in the Home.app before it could help me. Apparently Location Services is turned on by default. I know I didn’t turn it off because that setting is buried deep in the app and I couldn’t find it without the help of Duck Duck Go. Then, after two years of working with my iPhone to handle reminders and calendars, HomePod suddenly asked me to give it permission to access my personal data. Again, a setting I know I hadn’t turned off and a setting buried deep in the Home.app. I hope these are one-time blips from the recent updates.

I probably need to clarify. I can’t play my Music catalog as an alarm. I can play it normally if I just ask Siri to play music. Of course, I’m a Spotify user so that causes a separate hassle.

And while I’m baffled, how did Apple think it was a good idea to bury the Settings in the Home app by having to long press the Homepod? I had to google it to find it.

p.s. @Tvillemw - Hysterical comment about being a caveman.

As an Apple fan boy I should apologize for the negativity. I am retired and at home most of the day, I use the HomePod all the time (music, timers, lights, automations). Don’t know what I’d do without it now, which is why the recent blips were so annoying. Siri and my internet connection, which HomePod relies on, that’s another story.