DaisyDisk 50% off spring sale


Beside that this App is very colorful, and obviously making false claims for advertising reasons, is there any real advantage one can get from this App?

See @MacSparky and @ismh comments in Episode 684

I don’t think it does anything differently than OmniDiskSweeper or GrandPerspective, but it surely looks pretty different.

Thanks for posting the link and heads up on a 50% sale for a highly regarded app. People complain about subscriptions a lot and this is $5 one-time for functionality that’s nice to have.


DaisyDisk is one of my favorite utility apps. It has a few features that the open source/freeware options don’t, but mainly it’s just nicely designed and makes it fun to explore to free up space.

Jeez…should start checking here before I buy anything. I literally bought DaisyDisk this morning to hunt down why I have 200GB+ of system data. Nice little tool, and very clean design.

Exactly. I didn’t even need it but bought it since all you fellow MPUers love it lol :smile: . Mostly, to support the developer who thinks a one-time payment is reasonable for such an app. I honestly liked the UI and think it might be very useful once I start using external disks. Plus $5 is like nothing in today’s world considering even tiny apps charge for a subscription these days.

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I bought DaisyDisk from this sale and like it. At the same time, I bought DiskMap from the App Store and like that even better. Also $5. It shows you what’s taking up your disk space in a more useful way. If you’ve used SequoiaView on Windows, it’s similar (but nicer looking). It does take 2-3 minutes to scan your disk, unlike DaisyDisk which is immediate.

Link to App Store: ‎Disk Map: Visualize Disk Usage on the Mac App Store

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DaisyDisk took almost 10 Minutes, to scan my SSD…!

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How big is it? My 470GB of data on a 1TB drive took 5 or 10 seconds.

2TB with 636,42GB free…