DAKboard = The Coolest Family or Office Dashboard!

Does anyone here use the DAKboard? I have two of them installed in my home and I am freaking out over how cool they are. Imagine a dashboard of your life including to-do list, calendar, weather, photos and any other custom info you wanted all organized neatly on a screen.

That’s DAKboard

I am trying to create a central place for our family’s commitments and action items, and this thing is so cool! It integrates with so much cool goodness: Asana, Trello, iCloud, Google, Dropbox, SmugMug, Smart home stuff and so much more!

Anyone looking to replace the paper calendar with a digital one should check it out. They come as a screen with the CPU built in or you can buy the CPU separately and connect it to any monitor that you want (that’s what I did).

Love to know if anyone else is using this!


Didn’t know it existed, but I’m glad I do. Very interesting.

Is there a whiteboard-style feature?

There is a custom text feature where you could configure a big text box and then type text in the DAKboard template builder and it will show up. There no live handwriting-type feature though.

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Interesting. There’s an awful huge void in the market between this and, say, the $10,000+ Surface Hub 2S.

I would love a home office digital whiteboard that provides the kind of features Dak trumpets, plus a decent stylus setup.

Something like this? :wink:

I was thinking about mounting my old iPad on the wall, but I don’t know what I’d do with it. I have a calendar on all my devices and don’t juggle family-type stuff.

Something DAKBoard-like would be a great app for the Apple TV for those that have the need.

The Vibe is playing the middle space.

@JohnAtl hah. I admit, I started thinking about it after my post. But 10” isn’t a lot of real estate for a whiteboard!

@beck Looks shiny… but suspiciously expensive. Probably around $7k?

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It costs $3k. But the stand is $500 :slight_smile: Apple style even if it’s for Android.

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