Database or something else?

Could anyone lend any software suggestions to me please?
I work in packaging graphics. Each item needs to be kept track of status wise plus a notes history but the most important thing is to have a current PDF attached on each record. If it wasn’t for that last part, Numbers would work.
I tried Notion and it may be just the thing but anyone have any other suggestions? Thank you in advance.

Have a look at TapForms. One of the fields available is “file attachment”, which might just do the trick.


Airtable is worth a look, as is Coda.


It’s very disappointing that you can’t put a file link into a Numbers cell. I had been thinking about transitioning from Excel to Numbers but that’s a deal breaker IMHO.

Airtable 100%!
It’s rock solid and easy to use.


+1 for airtable! With the API you could automate your workflow easily as well I think.


Maybe you don’t need to transition. Could you keep your current setup and add a link to a Dropbox version of the PDF?