Date Roll-back error when using Chronosync

I use Chronosync as a part of my backup process, and I have gotten a few date roll-back errors. The latest shows “…Library/Caches/”. I just upgraded to High Sierra (not Mojave…I tend to lag about a version behind) and I’m thinking this started with that. Maybe not…

What is causing these roll-back errors? Is it safe to tell Chronosync to ignore?


They mention it on their website.

Hey, thanks for responding.

Yep, I saw that, but it doesn’t really explain WHY it happens. The last time it happened I just told Chronosync to ignore it (which I’ll probably do this time). I’m just not happy with doing this without knowing the actual cause and thus cure.

Why would a cache file, for example, be newer in a backup made two nights ago versus what is on the source drive today? And previous roll-back errors weren’t all cache files… several were Apple apps.

No biggie, though. I have BackBlaze, time machine, this daily backup and a another, weekly backup done on another USB drive. Two belts and suspenders.

Again, thanks

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Did you find a resolution for this?
Just got their email about their Mojave update (a little late to the party), and I’m wondering if it’s worth revisiting, or just stick to my CCC and TimeMachine backups.

Sorry, just saw your reply.

Nope, never got an answer. I just told Chronosync to ignore it. Not a great way to handle it, obviously.

Still wonder why it was happening, though.

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I started getting a lot of these errors recently. It’s been happening since upgrading to Big Sur. As a workaround, I’ve just told ChronoSync to Copy the file anyway regardless of the date rollback. I’ve been unable to determine why this is happening at this point.

I had a couple of these recently too.
I used Beyond Compare to compare the files and they were the same, so just copied the newer files over the older (in Finder). A couple of weeks later now and no new errors.
These folders are backed up three ways from Sunday, and synced with ResilioSync, so I figured one of those hiccuped.