Date Stamp for GoodNotes

I use my iPad and Apple Pencil to record notes when I’m in meetings. It works very well for me, much better than typing it out.

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled over an app named Penbook which I liked very much. Great templates and a good write feeling. It also (optionally) puts the current date into the top left corner of the page.

I love these features, but it is really mediocre for iOS integration and organization. It has only books which can only be set to a color and with an icon. It is interesting, but not sufficient.

GoodNotes has superb organization but is lacking in templates (and automatic dark mode, which Penbook has). Templates can be imported/created but the one feature that I would really like to replicate is getting the date onto every new page.

I have seen that there’s a forum thread on that topic which has not been implemented yet, so I played around with shortcuts and while it is possible to generate images from text through Toolbox pro, pasting it into GoodNotes looks too large and blurry and I would need to move it manually to its place.

While I can note the date by hand or text on the top left when creating a page, it is so nice to have a consistent, readable, correct date on the page.

Has anybody found a good work around for this or for a similar use case?

Thanks for your suggestions!


I know this is not really an answer to your question regarding GoodNotes, but have you checked out Nebo?

Nebo lacks templates, but has excellent organization, handwriting recognition, diagramming, and adds dates to each notebook in the notebook view.

I found these dates have been sufficient for my needs, perhaps you’ll find the same.

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Thanks, it’s certainly an interesting option!