David’s Levenger Circa setup for journaling?

Hello all,

I believe @MacSparky has outlined his journal setup in his Circa - I know there’s a sample page in the year end wrap up thread, but I think there was more. Does anyone know the link, or was it not a write up but a podcast?

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Hi Ted, I’ll do a post with some more details. I’m using the Rhodia A4 paper in the letter size Levenger notebook.

Thanks! I’m doing something inspired by you, and I’m trying to figure out daily notes. I’ve been printing a timeblock/ Hyperscheduling form on 30 lb paper with a dot grid, a daily “Big 3” and some other tasks for the day. I’m then doing my 1:1 agendas and goals for the year quarter and month in different sections, but am figuring out daily notes - on the day page or rolling BUJO style in the back.

Your setup inspired me to take what I like about Michael Hyatt, BUJO etc and make it my own.

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