David's Logitech Keyboard and Mouse

Hi everyone, I heard David refer to his Logitech keyboard and mouse that he can use between his Mac and his Ipad.

Does anyone know what model he has?

Thank you in advance for your time.


Logitech Craft*
Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse

*edited, originally thought it was the MX Keys

Is it the keys or the craft?

I have the keys and Mx master - great devices.

I have the Craft keyboard and MX Master 3 mouse. I’m fancy. One of my tricks with the Craft keyboard is I can press and turn the volume knob and switch between different desktops. Very handy.


Thanks, I took the plunge, and I love the way it types and the weight. It feels real.

Another quick question, Is there a trick to how the karabiner elements works? I have my apple keyboard set up with the caps lock thing for use with Keyboard Maestro, and it is not working on the keyboard.

Thank you in advance for your time.

OK sorry to bother everyone. I found it immediately after posting this. Thanks for all the support.


Hi. I am considering the Logitech Craft keyboard. How does it compare to Apples Magic keyboard for Mac, and what made you choose the Logitech one?

Second question: How useful do you find the dial?


I am curious about the process of switching from one device to the other. I have a Mac and iPad and want one keyboard and mouse for them both… I run the Mac in closed clamshell. Can I tap a button (or dial a knob) and have BOTH the mouse and keyboard go from the Mac to the iPad? Then tap or twist and go back to the Mac? (that is my goal).

Also curious how the mouse compares to the apple Magic Mouse 2. I love that I can swipe and tap on the Apple Mouse.

Appreciate any thoughts or videos. Can not seem to get the Logitech people to answer this specific question. :roll_eyes:

Nope, you can’t.
With flow you can switch between macOS and windows devices easily, but iOS you can’t as it you can’t install the Logitech system extension.

Can anyone recommend a good Mac mouse that’s not the MX3? One of my team does not get on with Magic Mouse and wants a ‘normal’ one but the MX3 is too much.

How about MX Anywhere 3? MX Anywhere 2 is my travel mouse and I like it a lot.

At home I use a Logitech G604. MX Masters don’t fit my grip and I much prefer more macro buttons to the thumb scroll. I also got it on sale for $45, and it happens to be $45 again right now at Best Buy and Amazon, though it usually it’s $70-100.

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