Day One: A feature that I really like

I’m using Day One for my daily journal for years. At this point, my streak is 169 days…and this is thanks to the Day One’s great feature.

I tend to journal at night and, very occasionally, I skip one night (mostly when I’m too tired!). When I do though, I don’t see it as a cause of stress. I just do it in the next morning and that’s it, it gets added to my streak and I don’t break the chain. I haven’t missed 2 or more days in a row, but if it happens than I have a choice: either to catch up or leave it and go back to streak 0.

I’d like to see this feature in a lot of different apps, especially for habits apps.


Pedometer++ allows something similar - one ‘rest day’ after every six day streak. I’m in a 167-day streak, but it would have been a year (plus being awarded a 365-day badge) had I not missed two days in a row last Thanksgiving.

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To piggyback on that, I think this is something Apple needs to improve with Activity and closing rings. Rest days are critical for many training plans, but there’s no good way to reflect that in Activity.

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The Rings have always been a problem for me. I cannot wear my Apple Watch at work so I have no way to complete my stand ring on any day that I am at work, even though I stand during every hour of my shift!

The other 2 are possible, but not great to try to complete after a 12 hour shift when I need to sleep.

I would love a way to just say “Today is a work day” and for it to be excluded from my streak.