Day One/IFTTT Integration

Hi guys!

Any help here would be appreciated :slight_smile: I’m just wondering if anyone knows of how I can customise some IFTTT Applets to make them work with Day One, or if I should be looking at WorkFlow to do this?

There are two specifically, one is a weekly Pocket Digest email, and then one a Spotify weekly digest email - is there anyway, instead of emailing, I can get these added as a new entry in Day One? I find the ones which add instantly result in far too many entries for me.

Additionally, any cool Day One integrations/Workflows people have and use would be great (particularly around photos!) - I am really trying to make the most out of what seems to be a very powerful app.



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Did the services at IFTTT not work?

Hi @anon41602260 - thanks for the reply!

The issue wasn’t that they didn’t work, they did correctly send both weekly digests to my email. However, I wanted each digest posted to Day One instead. I cannot find any IFTTT applets that do this, and I cannot seem to customise the other ones. Any ideas? :slight_smile:


There is a Day One Service in IFTTT which you’ll need activate for your Day One account. You should then be able to get IFTTT to create an Day One entry when an email is received.

Quite how well the formatting of the email will be preserved though may vary as I believe any HTML codes will be stripped out the of email when the Day One entry is created, so it may end up unreadable.

Ah that’s a very good idea thank you! So leave as is and then extend and log the email rather than direct from Pocket/Spotify? Cheers @YellowFrogToaster - I like it!

@YellowFrogToaster Hi. Just an update to this, I can’t seem to find an IFTTT trigger for when an email is received, only when one is sent?

The default IFTTT email service has a “Send IFTTT any email” action, which triggers when you send an email to from an email address you setup when registering the service. So your best option for this is to set it to your email address and add a rule to your email client to automatically forward the digest emails to

The other options are the GMail or Office 365 Mail services which both have triggers which fire when you receive an email from a given address. If you’re not using one of these email providers you could always setup an account on one for this purpose and change your registration for the email digests to go to this account.

So your Applet would be triggered when one of these email services receives an email, and the action would be to create a new Day One entry with the contents of the email.