Day One iOS Journal App Alternative - Support photos & Apple Reminders

I really love Day One but they’ve never supported universal links, which is to say that you cannot tell Siri “Remind Me of This” and create a reminder with a link back to the journal entry. I asked today and they have no plans to add this iOS 9 feature.

Does anyone know if a journal app for iOS that supports attaching photos and universal links? It doesn’t have to support macOS or web, just iOS.


I don’t know of journal apps which do that, but you could use a notetaking app for that supports it and use that for journaliing, like Bear.

Agenda has nice calendar and reminders integration and supports attachments.

Apple Notes… this mightn’t be a popular choice and not what it’s built for but it does have the Siri ‘remind me of this’ built in and it supports photos.

The updates in iOS 13 / iPad OS like nested folders, better sorting options are tempting me to give it a go.


Thank you for all the great suggestions! I tried Agenda & Bear and (while I can see they are wonderful apps), I think I’m going to keep my daily journal in Drafts and just export to Apple Notes for now.

I am hopeful that when iOS 13’s Reminders upgrade is released, I can possibly figure out a way to use Shortcuts to grab the day one link and create a reminder using the new URL field in Reminders.


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