Day-one order of Studio Display delayed another month

Today Apple let me know that my Studio Display shipping date has slipped yet again. It obviously wasn’t going to arrive by April 29 (the second slipped date), and now they’ve pushed it out to May 30.

I ordered 15 minutes after it was announced, but made the mistake of wanting an adjustable stand and nanotexture screen.

I can’t find any confirmation about which manufacturers are making this version, nor where they are located, but I’ve got to assume it’s somewhere in locked-down China. Which makes the new delivery date extremely unreliable. Bummer.

So, just a warning to those purchasing this monitor. During the pandemic, I was impressed by Apple’s ability to ship on time. But it seems like ordering hardware is now a total guessing game. Most will ship on time, but you cannot rely upon it.

I’m beginning to struggle with only a 21-inch screen; before I got the Mac Studio my main computer was a laptop (open) in addition to the screen. I can’t return to that setup because my desk isn’t big enough. Buying a larger but lower-quality screen seems like a huge waste of money (if I assume my Studio Display will actually ship at some point). I might try using my large iPad pro, but I’m not sure it’s worth it because it will require changing my workflow a lot for only a temporary (hopefully) need.

The cherry on top is that Apple canceled the trade-in on my laptop. Sure, I can call and get that reversed, but it’s annoying that I have to do anything when it’s their fault that I don’t have my full computing set-up.

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Major bummer!

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Very disappointing.

The reason may be the particular “special order” you specified - adjustable mount + nano texture screen. I ordered two of the standard-screen VESA-mount Studio Displays a day or two after the announcement. Delivery was April 9th.

When ordering from Apple in the future I will be mindful of the expected delivery times. The special order items tend to take longer than the standard stock items (base model computers and mobile devices for example).

In my apparently recurrent role of making people feel better about their problems…

I ordered from a local reseller whose web site showed the item in stock. Except apparently their shop floor and online sales systems are not linked. Someone walked into the shop and bought the one remaining monitor before my order could be fulfilled. Cue a terrible customer service experience (their “call us 24x7” freephone number does not accept calls from mobiles and no-one ever picks up anyway, and when you call the shop, they promise to get back to you but don’t.) and an eventual (and possibly even true) statement that they already had a stock order in with Apple so it will probably be quicker than just ordering from Apple. My estimated delivery date? A verbal “net less than two weeks, probably longer”.

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I’m pretty certain the stand is what’s holding up orders like this. These adjustable-height stands have clearly been delayed since day one.

I too ordered on release date nano texture + adjustable height option and delivery date updated from 14April-21 to April29-May6 and today its update to June7-15 for third time. Apple support have contradicting answers: 1) Your order will be full-filled by California facility so this time it will be on time and next thing it updated to June7-15. 2) Global shipping delays are impacting your order. Not sure which one is true :frowning:

Thanks for the info. This is the first time I’ve heard a mention of a California facility, which is interesting (if true).

I really, really hope this monitor isn’t vaporware. I mean, I love my Mac Studio, but if they’d launched it without an Apple monitor, I would have waited for an upgraded (Pro-ish) iMac.

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I got a tracking number for shipping today. The origin is Ontario, California, so that tracks with what Apple Support told @Ravi_Gawai a few weeks ago. I wonder what part(s) they were waiting for! Delivery date is May 31, which is the final date of the most recent delivery window.

This is good to know. My Studio Display with VESA mount was ordered on March 27. The last date of my delivery window is June 9, so hopefully I will also get my tracking number a few days before June 9. I chatted with the Apple store a couple of times and their response was that they did not see any further delays and that I should get my order on time. I am not sure if the were just looking at the same screen I was looking at or if they had some real information.

I’m sure the lockdowns in China have impacted the manufacture and delivery of Apple products. A good lesson for Apple to learn, not to put all its manufacturing in the Chinese basket and to have more inventory in the warehouse instead of just manufacturing items as they are ordered.

I received my Studio Display today, which I ordered from a reseller on 19th April. Just over 6 weeks. It’s just the standard model.

Apple store just charged my credit card and now the timeline shows “Preparing to Ship” so I expect my VESA Studio Display should be delivered by June 9th. I’m so glad they did not push my delivery date forward.

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I just received mine today, within the promise time. VESA Mount ordered on March 22


I’m waiting for my basic studio display since March 30

Looks like they are coming in towards the end date of the promised time period.

Received my Studio Display VESA model on 6/24 and was ordered 4/18. Had about 3 days left on promised date.

I’ve been watching delivery dates out of curiosity, and they’ve been catching up to demand. They were promising August delivery for most of July and all of August, and are now reporting three day delivery for standard glass and VESA mount, and two day for the stand.

Also, I happened to walk by the open-box case at Best Buy yesterday, and there was a random Mac Studio in it for $1,800. :thinking:

Further updates (then I’ll stop): this morning they were promising two day delivery for VESA (so the date didn’t budge since yesterday.) This afternoon, it switched to next day. Seems like they’re seriously moving again, logistically.

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