DayOne - is there a way to resize images?

Id like to add images to my entries, but it just blows the image up regardless of the size. Is this something that can be worked around?

What do you mean by “Blows the image up”

maximizes them regardless of original resolution… does not respect the dimensions of the photo.

Ah, maximises them to the size of the virtual page.

No, I don’t think you can change the size.

Dug through their support forum and apparently as of May 2023, users are still asking for this feature. really weird that the app lacks this ability.

I don’t think it’s strange. Day One isn’t a word processor or desktop publishing platform. It’s a space for storing memories, journals.

I doubt many people using it give much though to how they present things

Despite people asking for this feature, how many as a percentage? I bet it’s minimal.

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Adding several images at the same time kind of does this. Adding two makes both smaller side by side. Adding three makes two smaller and the third full size.

If they say you can place photos, then they just maximize them to take up the page, that’s a poor UI… I like to place the covers of books I am reading, photos I took during the day, etc. If its just one photo, it destroys the page.

Why not edit the photo size before putting into DayOne?

It doesn’t matter. It still shows full page.