DayOne purchased by Automattic

Email received from Dayone

We’re excited to share the big news that Day One is being acquired by Automattic Inc. Automattic is the parent company of, Tumblr, and a host of other great software services.

Not always the case in a software acquisition, the Day One team will be kept intact, operating with the same autonomy we currently enjoy to continue improving the Day One app experience across all our platforms. Our top priority has always been to safeguard your memories and ensure Day One is around for the long haul, and this new venture gives us confidence that Day One will have the permanence we’ve always hoped to achieve.

Moving my DayOne journals, going back to the first release of DO, out of someone else’s cloud has been on my to-do list. This is further impetus to get that done.


It gives me pause…

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Guessing this is like the SimpleNote acquisition in that Matt is heavily using DayOne and wants to protect it.

i have so many years of data i don’t even know where to move if this doesn’t go well…

i guess ill have to wait out and see how this acquisitions goes for the customer :weary:

Guys, calm down.
I am not giving Day One any passes, but it remains zero knowledge, end-to-end encrypted.
Unless they have somehow built a backdoor to acquire your encryption key, which seems extremely unlikely, nobody can read your journals.


I’m not uncalm :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Getting as much data as I can out of clouds I don’t control is a low-fi project I focus on as time permits.


I am more concerned with losing my grandfathered free tier.


Ha, getting out of clouds altogether is something else entirely and even a noble pursuit. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t even think its possible to ever fully ‘get out of the cloud’ for things anymore. Stop using the internet? cancel email?

You can own your data entirely and run your own cloud on your own server for pretty much everything in a pretty inexpensive and easy way these days.


I wrote “Getting as much data as I can out of clouds I don’t control”. Of course everyone can keep their personal information (self-defined) away from any part of the internet. Air-gapped if desired.

I self-host.


I totally understand and I share your concern. I guess we’ll have some more news in the coming days.

I replaced dropbox with my own Nextcloud install running on a VPS over a year ago. Its one of the smartest things Ive ever done.

However, back to DayOne… This “acquisition” should make everyone question why they are paying subscriptions. I thought it was to keep the devs developing and keeping the lights on. Now it looks like it was just to make it more attractive for bigger fish.

Who is on the clock now? Fantastical?

Starting to think Goodnotes on my own server is the journaling way.


This can’t be good. The whole point of Wordpress is to publish blogs for the world to see. How concerned will they be with keeping my journal private?

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I’ve followed Automattic for a long time, they are on the short list of companies I trust (within reason). I think this will be fine.


Automattic has acquired companies before and has never, as far as I can tell/remember, screwed any of them up.

This isn’t like being bought by Google or something.

I think there is a 99.99847% chance that the reason Automattic did this is to give people the option to post from DayOne to WordPress if they want but they’re obviously not going to make that something that happens by accident, which would be incredibly bad P.R. they 100% do not want or need… and for no benefit.


Expound on this please! I love GoodNotes and do not have nay sync or cloud set up with is a bit of a PITA. Would love a local, I control solution…

I’m cautiously optimistic about this. I’ve journaled family events (photos and a family diary of sort) in password-protected WordPress blog (the self-hosted flavor) for many years, and for several years now I’ve wished there was a way to sync Day One entries up to the blog. I hope this purchase results in that becoming a reality.

Do you run your own mail server? Or do you “self host” in the sense that you pull the email off the incoming server and store it locally?

sure, what is the question?