DDNS for Orbi VPN setup?

Looking to configure VPN on an Orbi router. The goal is to allow our iOS devices to route through our home Internet connection while traveling, at public hotspots, etc.

The Orbi requires using an account with NO-IP or with NETGEAR’s DDNS.

Any suggestions on either (or the whole setup) is greatly appreciated!

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On a public hotspot, wouldn’t it be a better solution to just run VPN like #nord instead of going public hotspot > home VPN > out to wherever?

I have #nord installed on all of my iOS/macOS devices and it works flawlessly.

That’s certainly something for me to consider. Mine would be ‘free’ since I have the infrastructure. Not sure if nord costs

It is a paid service, but TunnelBear has a free tier. What I meant was, if you don’t VPN from pubic wifi to your server isn’t your data potentially compromised? I’m not a security specialist, but seemed like a gap…good luck!

I’ve wondered about that too. (another non expert)

No. It’s fine. I use a vpn in my home server for exactly this purpose. Your connection is secure from your device to the vpn server regardless of whether the vpn server is a commercial service like nord or one in your house. From the vpn server to the other endpoint the connection is not encrypted by the vpn service.

For something important/private you should ensure that you are using SSL or TLS so that it is encrypted end to end regardless of whether you use a vpn service or not.

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