(De)Prioritorise inbound emails

Is there a way in the Mail app to remove the priority that senders have set on their messages? Too many of them are profligate with priority settings specifically Priority: High and I want to turn that off. Two reasons for downgrading such messages:

  1. I have read and dealt with the message meaning that the priority setting is now no longer appropriate.

  2. Simply that others are too eager to set the option and as such make their post close to spammage. I read emails in the order of arrival so for me their decision to elevate the post is meaningless and highly intrusive. (Once read I either archive messages or delete them.)

In either case there is no necessity for the message to retain any uplift in priority.

There seems to be no explicit Rule options in the Mail app to manipulate the Priority: line in message headers. Back in the day of being a Linux user I had a procmail recipe to force priority to be normal (and turn off read receipt requests too). Now that that kind of functionality has been incorporated into User Agents such as the Mail app there is no need or possibily of filtering out egotistical behaviour by senders.

I found this but have never used it myself. Depending on your email provider there may be a server side rule that would do what you want. For example gmail has an option to “Never mark it as Important”.

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Thanks for the link will have to go investigate.

I coudn’t find that anywhere in my Gmail settings.

It’s one of the filter options. You can use a filter that will catch all email if you need to.

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Do you use priorities in email? I completely ignore them—go years at a time without even remembering email priorities exist. Problem solved!

I never use Priority: High for any outbound email.

Clicked the Never mark … option. Will have to wait and see it that is obeyed.

Nor I, and of if somebody sets a priority on email sent to me, I almost certainly will not notice.