Deactivating default fonts in macOS Ventura

Hello again,

I’m looking through my installed fonts on Ventura and there are a LOT of stuff in there that I’m not going to use. From the naming, most seem to be supporting various Asian scripts and other non-latin characters. I understand this is a smart move on Apple’s part, to deliver typefaces that can be used universally, but as I don’t use these - ever - I’d like to deactivate them.

Is there any potential downside to deactivating these fonts? They live in my


folder, and contain tens of thousand individual glyphs per font. From experience I know you shouldn’t run with active fonts that you don’t use as it’s just waste of good resources. Then again, if fonts expected by the OS are not available, that might also get weird.

FYI - I could not see any of the SF fonts in this collection (which I believe is still what is being used by most of the GUI).

Thanks for any insights on this!

Interesting, I even do not have this folders

On the other hand, the folder I have with fonts only shows around 50MB.
I wouldn’t bother with this in our days. The “rule” to have only the fonts on your system, you really use, seems to be somewhat outdated, as the storage on the system increased dramatically, while the sizes of the fonts more or less stayed at the same level.


The MobileAssets part of this is strange.
I have .../com_apple_MobileAsset_Font6 on my MBP running Monterey, which is empty.

I would think (caveat emptor), that if you can delete them, it wouldn’t hurt anything.
The system fonts are squirreled away in the system partition of the drive, as they are a potential attack vector for malware.

But the MobileAsset part is still strange. I have several folders of TrackpadFirmware and KeyboardFirmware in mine. Strange.

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Thanks Ulli,

Just to clarify, I am not worried about the storage on disk, but rather the

  1. wasted overhead in RAM required to keep the fonts activated
  2. the need to scroll by hundreds of fonts I don’t use in the font selection drop-downs, and having them intermingled with the ones I do use

I have been collecting typefaces for 30 years, which comes with a few practical challenges :slight_smile: