Dead iPad Pro, any advice?

Well, I finally lost the AppleCare lottery. I don’t usually buy AppleCare for iPhones or iPads.

My 2021 M1 iPad Pro 12.9" has ceased charging. My local shop says the pins are damaged in the USB-C socket. It’s out of warranty and I didn’t buy AppleCare. My only option is to spend $800 to get the same M1 again under the repair program or buy brand-new.

Having just purchased an M2 MacBook Pro literally 48 hours before the iPad died, I’m probably going to do nothing.

But I’m curious if anyone has any advice and whether there’s any point in taking this situation up with Apple.

How did the USB-C socket break? I’m not sure, but I have a vague memory that when I had COVID in January, I had a moment of struggling to fit the cable into the socket which perhaps caused the damage. But if that’s the case, it’s a fragile system!

In contrast, I’ve been using a 2015 iPad Pro daily with never a problem with that Lightning connector.

I had a similar problem – in that I dropped my (older version) iPad Pro when it was connected and the connector broke off in the socket and couldn’t be extracted, so I couldn’t even charge the device.

I didn’t want to pay for the repair on a couple of years old device, but I found this:

It charges using the ‘Smart Connector’ on the side of the iPad, avoiding the lightning socket. It’s meant that I’m still able to use this iPad 3 years later. Not as convenient, of course, but workable.

Because your device is newer, this particular stand probably won’t work for you, but perhaps there is something similar out there which will?

Or could you consider a (iPad) Magic Keyboard – they have a secondary USB C port on the keyboard, which can be used to charge the iPad Pro. Expensive, but you get an excellent keyboard and £500 to spare from the repair bill… :grinning:


find a non-Apple computer or phone repair shop.

They can likely open the device and replace the USB-C socket. It will cost you, but certainly not Apple prices.

Your iPad is too new to not do it.


Do you have House Insurance or something through your bank which covers your electronic devices for damage? Mine costs £75 for a repair.

On Whether you should take this up with Apple, of course, you can, but if the port is damaged and it’s not a manufacturing issue, then there’s no obligation on them to replace or fix it.

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I have an Apple Magic Keyboard for my 12.9 iPad Pro. The Magic Keyboard has its own charging port, built into the hinge, and when the iPad is docked on the keyboard it gets charged via the same connection while the keyboard gets charged. Works well.



Thank you, @brookter for the brilliant idea to try the Magic Keyboard. My local store is going to let me drop in and try it and if it works, that’s going to be my solution. I’d been wanting that keyboard anyway and now I have such a good excuse for buying it (if it works).

Proof again why the MPU Forum is so valuable.

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You’re very welcome! The Magic Keyboard is good to have anyway and if it keeps you using the iPad it definitely counts as a bargain…

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