Dear Apple, please reveal new AirPods soon


Aaron “My-AirPods-are-dying-and-I’m-addicted-to-them-but-don’t-want-to-buy-replacements-because-I’m-afraid-you’ll-introduce-the-upgraded-model-right-after-I-buy-said-replacements-and-my-wallet-can-only-love-you-so-much” Antcliff


Same here. Battery life is getting shorter and shorter, but I’m trying to hold out!

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I know it’s a true first world problem, but I’ve had to occasionally use… dare I say it… WIRED headphones lately. I’m so ashamed.

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My battery life is still pretty good (which is interesting; why do two heavy users have different results after two years?), but I do want that inductive charging case (and a cleaner case.)

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I get about 30- 40 min of use out of them now, and the right AP always dies out first. I’m not sure for the reason in variability either, and you’re right, it seems to be all over the place.

I’ve had AirPods pretty much since the beginning and continue to use them daily.

I find the battery life is still ok when listening to music and podcasts, but can no longer use both for phone calls that last more than 30 minutes.

My current workaround is to use one AirPod at a time, which is not ideal (especially when in a noisy environment). I may resort to using good-old-fashioned wired headphones for longer calls. I realized that I don’t actually own lightening headphones…I sold them along with my iPhone 7 Plus. So, I’d be going old school and using my old EarPods with a headphone adapter. :headphones:


I’m similar when it comes to phone calls, but as of late have been using lightning EarPods (iPhone XR) when I suspect I will have longer calls.

I’m not really complaining per se, I’m incredibly happy with the AirPods; they’ve paid themselves off multiple times over the last two years, easily. Reductions in battery life are expected, just want to get my hands on the new hotness before the ones I have croak :zombie:‍♂


Please let this be true

I’m a bit skeptical of any report that ties new hardware to the rumored late March event. My guess is the even will be services only (streaming video service, news service, etc.) without any hardware. Apple could put out new hardware with a press release alongside the event, but they could do that at any time.

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With the rumor mill lately, I feel like maybe some of us are dismissing new product releases rather too easily. If one of the primary subscription/streaming services is the magazine service, it seems to me Apple would want to introduce new iPads and other devices for people to consume the new content on. Maybe a new iPad/iPad mini release would come with a couple months of the new service as well. Updated AirPods to enjoy the new streaming content on the go to watch our great new shows on your iPhone. And hey, we’ve since we’ve got your attention with the new AirPods, we’ve got just the thing for you to charge them with… AirPower (my darkhorse for this year’s “One More Thing”).

Anyway, maybe my imagination is getting the better of me and I’m setting myself up for dashed hopes :smile: