December 2021 Hardware/Software Sales and Deals

Streaks on MacOS is free

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Forklift for 66% off:


the BIG Holiday macOS Bundle

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Anyone have some recommendations? I already own PDF Squeezer (it’s great) and Scrutiny (also great but quite niche).

What do you use scrutiny for? Seems like it’s primary use is for maintaining websites.

That’s right, it’s quite a specialized tool for web developers. It started out as a dead link checker and grew to more stuff such as markup validation and spellcheck.

Here’s a pretty succinct feature list.

It’s a great tool if you need it but if you don’t see a use for it, I probably wouldn’t buy this one and hope a use might emerge. You’ll be waiting until the end of time.

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Hey, thanks for calling attention to that. I’d been looking at Scrutiny before I saw the bundle, scanned the whole bundle, and missed it.

Doubling back and grabbing it now. :slight_smile:


Today only PastePal is 2.99 instead of 13.99

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OMGeee! Didn’t know this tool exist. Grabbing it now. Thanks!

25% off for Tinderbox, Devonthink, Mellel, and other great apps with the ’ Winterfest2021’ coupon code.


I may use this as a chance to get into TextExpander for some new projects I’m working on, thanks for sharing!

Absolutely nothing against TextExpander, but be aware it’s a subscription in case that sort of thing matters to you. There are other text expansion apps (Typinator comes to mind) that aren’t subscription-based. And if your needs are relatively light, Keyboard Maestro can handle text expansion as well. :slight_smile:


Typinator is my recommendation, no subscription, becomes regularly updates and works very well.


Thank you for these suggestions @webwalrus and @claus! My needs are pretty light now as I consider them, so I will look at Typinator and see if it will do the job. :blush:

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Depending on how light your needs are, maybe you can simply use Apple text replacement. If you have Alfred, that also has snippet functionality.

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That Easy Data Transform app looks interesting and I had a play. Looks like an interesting app for playing with data without knowing any programming. Does look like it’s missing some features like splitting files into different files based on variables, but interesting nevertheless (still trying to learn Python to do the job however)

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aText works well, is available on macOS and Windows, and is $4.99.

Thank you @JohnAtl! I haven’t settled on a choice yet, so I’ll add this to the list for review.

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Postbox is 40% off

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Good to know ! Gracias