December 2022 Hardware/Software Sales and Deals

Indie App Santa 2022 edition is up. Dec 2 gets you Padlok Lifetime for free

Can you explain what this is?

India App santa is like an advent calendar for apps. Everyday you’ll get a free app by an indie developer.

Dec 1 was Posture Pal
Dec 2 is Padlok

Here’s an article about it

Twitter page for prior deals

Everyday you’ll get a free app by an indie developer.

Or a discount.

Last year there wasn’t a free App every day and today’s gift is a discount on a lifetime Tasks subscription ($59.99 → $19.99).

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Amazon has 2TiB Samsung Evo 970 NVME drives for $160 (a steal), 1TiB for $90.

Looks like newegg is following suit (or vice-versa).

Okay, and Bestbuy.

Maybe it just seems like a steal since I paid $217 for a 1TiB WD Black in May 2019.

The first link doesn’t work. I believe it’s this link

@JohnAtl what computer are you adding these to? Or do you have an SSD enclosure? If so, which enclosure?

Follow up question, would it be easier/faster/better to just plug in a regular SSD instead of a SSD and enclosure combo?

Thanks for the correction. It’s hard to tell which part is the referral sometimes.

I don’t have any Samsung NVMe drives. I use a WD Black SN 750 NVMe in my Dell 7040 (running Linux, of course :slight_smile:).
I also have a couple of Sabrent enclosures that I use with the same type WD Black, and a Feather NVMe that I bought for my now-retired 2015 MBP. (looks like they’re all sold out, so maybe discontinued.)

There are two main technologies, NVMe, and SATA. They all fall under the umbrella of being SSD drives. NVMe drives use PCI express as their interface, and are, for the most part (I say ‘for the most part’ because someone will say, ‘what about the Obscuratech RT904XQQ3?’), faster than SATA drives. SATA is an older technology. Optane drives are a variant of NVMe (as I recall) and are more wear-tolerant and used in enterprise applications, and for things like cache that get written to a lot. (Incidentally, the price as dropped recently on the previous-generation Optane drives.)

Here are some DiskMark benchmarks of various drives I have:

I don’t have a current benchmark for the WD Black, as I discovered the cable I was using wasn’t USB 3.1 compatible, so the read/write times were terrible. The Feather should be equivalent, and the figures shown above are with the correct cable. The enclosure also comes with the correct cable.

I did benchmark NVMe and SATA on my Dell under Linux, but don’t have those results saved. NVMe was faster.

For comparison, Data is my RAID0 (Stripe) array of two SABRENT Rocket XTRM 2TB Thunderbolt 3 drives (~$1K two years ago, ouch).
System-Volume is the internal iMac Pro SSD.
iMac Pro Bootable is a last-generation SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable External SSD, USB 3.1
Red Backup is a WD Red Plus HDD I removed from my NAS, and it was running in a Sabrent USB 3.0 enclosure.
Last, and least (at least here) is a WD Passport drive. I don’t use these anymore, just backup to the WD drives a swapped out of my NAS, since backing up to these Passport drives takes forever.

Half of the crap I buy (that I don’t NEED!!!) is because of all of you people! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Yeah, my Mum never told me to keep away from people like you … but she should have :slight_smile:


Health export CSV is free courtesy of indie app Santa


Proton Mail end of year sale, 40% off

from Proton:
Mail Plus
$ 3.33/month
Billed at $ 39.96 for the first year
You save $ 19.92

Proton Unlimited
$ 7.19/month
Billed at $ 172.56 for the first 2 years
You save $ 115.2

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Expenses app and Expenses Pro (IAP) is free from Indie App Santa

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“Training Today for Apple Watch helps coach you on workout intensity and rest days.”
for iPhone and Apple Watch
50% off a lifetime subscription between December 20, 2022, and January 1, 2023
Lifetime $9.99
(Yearly subscription (1 Year) $14.99)

Papers, Please
iOS Game (or maybe art?)

@hpm, do you use the training today app? What do you think of it?

Yes, I use the training today app. For my needs, I think it’s an incredible tool. I also think it’s a bargain at $9.99.

I know the basics but am not an expert on HRV (Heart Rate Variability). I like that the app provides a simple readiness to train score. While Apple’s Health app provides HRV information (in the Heart health category), it’s not readily applicable or accessible. The iPhone component of training today also provides additional information, including resting heart rate.

Here’s information on how the app was developed

In addition to Apple Fitness and Training Today I also use the WorkOutDoors app.

If someone wants more performance data (and is willing to pay $20 to $30/month) then Whoop might be something to consider.

MIT Press Journals are 50% off until 1/1.

WinterFest 2022 is up courtesy of @Ulli