Deciphering System Report Logs?

Any recommendations for sites, forums, diagnostic tools, or technicians adept in parsing through Mac system report logs?

My Mac Pro (5,1, 10.12.6) fails to boot about 2/3 of the time, and while lots of log data is generated after the Mac Pro does successfully manage to boot, I can’t make head or tails of it.

Any good resources out there for analyzing these logs (Apple System log, Power Management log, etc.) and diagnosing these types of issues?

Have you tried using safe mode to narrow down where the problem is?

As long as I’ve been a Mac user, I’ve never used Safe Mode, embarrassingly enough.

From a quick look online, it looks as if the main purpose of Safe Mode is that it disables third party applications so that the user can determine whether or not the source of the problem is native/hardware related or third party?

Among other things, safe mode disables kernel extensions that aren’t absolutely required to boot. Kernel extensions are bits of code that run in a privileged mode inside the OS and can very easily cause a crash. You can still use third party applications in safe mode.

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