Dedicated Tracking Apps

Within the last year or so there has been a large influx of dedicated tracking apps. Many of these area coming to macOS thanks to catalyst.

Book Tracking

Game Tracking

Music Tracking

General Media Tracking

I’ve always tried to keep my someday/maybe style lists, reading lists, music to listen to, etc in a single system. Sometimes individual note files. At one point tables in Notion with Kanban boards to track their status.

These kind of go against “as few as you can get away with” for being reference systems.

I guess my thinking is to use them if the thing you’re tracking is that important to you, maybe consider using one.

Is anyone else using these kinds of apps to track anything? How do they fit into GTD for you?


I keep lists for books I want to read, games I want to play, and movies and TV shows I want to see in Things. Don’t really feel the need for dedicated apps in any of these areas.

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That is my method for my reading lists as well. I have a large reading list that is filtered using two tags: “professional reading” and “pleasure reading”. Simple and no additional app needed. I could filter the list with additional tags if wanted but I don’t have a need to do so.


I use Tot for that purpose.


I had moved back into doing this in the last few months. I recently tried cleaning up my task manager with things that weren’t actionable and started looking at tracking these somewhere else

I may ultimately wind up doing exactly this again.

For some reason the use of tags for this never occurred to me until you pointed it out. That’s a good way of separating them.

I have always wanted currently reading, want to read, and dropped status’ on my books to keep a queue going and tags could do exactly that.

Excellent tip, thank you.

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

In Things I have these projects set to “Someday” which prevents them or any of the tasks on them from appearing among my other tasks.