Deep linking Apple notes - macOS and iOS

I found an interesting article How to Create Deep Links to Specific Apple Notes on iOS.
Is there an option to make a shortcut that works both in iOS and macOS?
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You can download the shortcut, using the link provided in the article – being beware of links to some random person’s iCloud account. The shortcut you download can be installed in Shortcuts on macOS. Running that shortcut on macOS is not a pleasant experience – it is kludgy and you have to scroll around inside the Content Item Graph to search for the link for the selected note, which is not at all easy on a Mac. It’s more of a because-I-can shortcut than something useful.

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I was thinking the same thing after reading that article. On iOS with three clicks I can copy a Note’s URL without difficulty in Apple Notes. That may not be as convenient as a single click on a shortcut but it’s certainly not difficult. And, with a shortcut that complicated I would be concerned that an update with iOS or macOS would break the shortcut.

That said, I hope Apple adds a seamless backlinking capability to Apple Notes. Craft and Obsidian are much easier when it comes to linking notes.


Can you please specify how you copy the url to an Apple Note?

I will be happy to but the process is different on MacOS versus iOS/iPadOS. In which OS or platform are you wanting to copy the AN URL?

Thank you, i would be interested in the solution for both platform, but mainly iOS.
This is actually what makes me looking for alternatives, although I really like the integration and simplicity of the built in apps.

On the Mac, this support article will be helpful: Share notes and folders on Mac - Apple Support

On iOS it is even easier because you don’t have to add an email address. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the circle at the top right with the the ellipsis

Sharing and Apple note from Mac

  1. Select Share Note
  2. Scroll to the right and select Copy Link

  1. Select Copy Link on the top right, NOTE: you do NOT need to add an email address)

I hope the helps.

Thank you, it does indeed help a lot. I have no idea, how I could overlook the copy link command :face_with_spiral_eyes:
But I found it with your help and added it to favorites.
Thanks again, also for the link, I will try the Mac workflow tomorrow.

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