Default Browser for Different Apps

Does anyone know if it is possible to set a default browser for specific applications? I use Chrome for about 30% of my work daily, and I almost exclusively want any link that is in Discord to be opened in Chrome. But the rest of my workflow and personal life is in Safari so I don’t want to change Chrome to be the primary apart from in Discord, I couldn’t see anything within the Discord preferences but maybe I am looking in the wrong place :thinking:

Any help would be appreciated!

On iOS, a workaround is to use Opener in order to send a link to a given browser (requires more taps though). On Mac, an extension like Shareful would do the trick (send to a specific browser). But it’s always going to be a little manual as far as I know, I don’t think you could readily automate that.

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Choosy can do this for macOS. It has rules you can set up.


+1 for Choosy. It can do this, and I don’t know of any other ‘Choose A Browser’ app that lets you specify where links from specific apps should go (usually they are only specific domains/websites)

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Pretty sure bumpr allows this

On macOS you can also use BetterTouchTool.

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I just downloaded Choosy and so far so good! Thanks for all the help!

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I’m pretty sure it does not. I just looked through Bumpr and didn’t see any way to do anything except URLs.

I think it’s actually better to just build a script in Shortcuts app to open anything in whatever app you want. For example, I have one that routes reddit links to apollo, twitter links to twitterrific, PDF files to GoodReader and LiquidText, and etc.

+1 for Choosy. It’s fantastic. I have it set to open all Google Hangouts links (for work) in Chrome, but otherwise I pick a browser on the fly. Very helpful (and far less complicated than it sounds) given that I use different browsers for different purposes and usually have 3 browsers running with multiple tabs in all of them.


Hiya, Orca! I just bought Opener. The price sure is nice. I think I understand its purpose or rather what it does but can you explain it to me a little bit, please?

It’s basically the iOS equivalent of right-click > open with on the Mac :slightly_smiling_face: (with the iOS limitations of course)
Especially handy if you don’t want something opened in the corresponding app !

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That would work great on iOS, but the category here is macOS.

Hi there, just found this topic and wanted to share I found to be more flexible than Choosy. It’s a better option I think and it’s also free (Choosy is 10 dollars).

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Velja is another great option: Velja — Sindre Sorhus


I can second Velja. Très bien