Default iOS Mail app

Like many people here, I don’t use the default Mail app on iOS, personally preferring to use Outlook (which is awesome!)

When I click on an email URL on a website or app, it always wants to open Mail. Is it possible to change the default so it opens Outlook (or any other Mail app) like you can on MacOS?


Unfortunately that’s still not possible on iOS…

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You might be able to craft a Shortcut that takes a mailto URL you’ve copied into the clipboard and open your choice of app with it. Here’s a similar Shortcut explained that does that with URLs to open in Chrome:

I’d love to know what is awesome about outlook for iOS. Until now I have not seen the point of it but am keen to know what I’m missing out on!

It’s also free so… no reason to miss out…?

It’s generally very stable, and has excellent mail and calendar sections.

It just works, which I cannot say the same for other apps.

It works very well with my work Office365 account, with the ability to book rooms and check colleagues calendar, which I’ve not been able to do as well with other apps.

Give it a go - it’s free!

Microsoft purchased the email client from Acompli in 2014 . Shortly after it became available in the App Store I gave it a try. Then quit using it when I learned that Microsoft kept a copy of my username & password on their servers, same as Acompli had been doing

That may no longer be the case. Might be worth researching if that kind of thing bothers you.

Thanks both, I’ll give it another shot. I’m so used to the native mail client. One thing I have done, but not for quite some time is, when I need a break from emails (on time off or weekends), removing the temptation to peek and potentially see something that’s going to ruin my mood, but still want to see personal emails, I disable my work email on the native mail client, so they no longer show up. If there is an emergency I could still see the emails in the outlook app which I bury with no notifications.

I like that there is more office365 feature support and will definitely take a look viewing shared calendar. By the way I have seen a way to do that in the native calendar also, for office365. Its very unintuitive, let me know if anyone is interested.

I stopped worrying about that once I enabled 2 factor authentication on my (personal) mail service (FastMail). If Microsoft were hacked and my credentials were exposed they still would not be able to be used to log in to view my emails.

As for business email that’s office 365 so Microsoft kinda have it all anyway!

More than just the client - they bought the company outright for $200 million as a major acqui-hire, used the cross-platform tech to build up its relatively moribund mobile products, and they’ve updated the mail app on a regular basis. I don’t use it but the people I know who do rave about it.

This should be possible in iOS 14!


(iOS 14 GM, Spark TestFlight beta)

Great! I Googled and here’s the link if anyone needs with instructions.

Doesn’t work for Outlook yet - maybe in a couple of years :roll_eyes:


I had seen those instructions for browsers, but not for mail.

Unfortunately I don’t see such option for Spark (TestFlight beta), so I guess they don’t support it yet…

However, they promised to offer this on day one, so they have a few hours left after Apple’s surprise…

It’s not going to be a day one feature… :cry:

Outlook is live for default app and Spark is either live now or awaiting approval from apple. Certainly imminent

Yep, works great for Outlook. Thanks!

Spark is now my default mail client on all Apple platforms :slight_smile:

(iOS, iPadOS, and macOS; I don’t read mail on my Apple Watch or Apple TV)