Default Message List Font in Apple Mail


Please help! I accidentally changed the Message List Font in Apple Mail and would dearly love to change it back to system default.

I am running Big Sur.

Any ideas?

Many thanks indeed,


AFAIUI the system font is actually SF Pro. You can download it from Fonts - Apple Developer, and then install it into Font Book, so it will become available for you to select.

The added benefit is that it then becomes available for you to use as text in any program (e.g. in your Editor and so on).

Iā€™m not sure of the copyright implications of using it for published material rather than just on your own system, so please read the licence which comes with the fonts before acting.


Hi @brookter, thank you very much indeed. I now have SF Pro as all my defaults as I think its easily the best looking!

Many thanks again,


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