Default Recipient Address in iOS Mail

I’ve been trying to move back into the default mail app on iOS (for a variety of reasons) but one thing that’s really annoying is when I’m trying to send an email to my wife. In the “To:” field, when I type her name, it will find her but default to her work address (likely because of alphabetical sorting of email addresses). I want it to default to her personal email address. Is there a way to set that?

I’ve never noticed that before, but you are correct. The default address is selected alphabetically. Listing Home Address as the first address doesn’t help.

If you don’t want to select the work address manually each time, the only thing I can think of is create separate address cards, with unique names, for home and work. For example: Use Betsy Ross for the Home Account, and Elizabeth Ross for Work.


Thanks. It’s unfortunate but I see what you mean. Back to looking for different mail client alternatives

I have tried and used most of the third-party email apps, HEY, being an exception because I’m not going to pay that much money for an email client. That said, I still use Apple’s default app but I use Spark as my back up if and as needed. You have probably already tried Spark but if not I recommend it.

Another option you might consider if you have not done so already is to use Cardhop. You may be able to continue using Apple mail but use Cardhop for your contacts. This may solve your dilemma without the need to change email clients.


Thanks @Bmosbacker. I’ll give Carhop a look. I have used Spark, and it’s fairly good, but I’m growing less fond of having services in between me and my email (even though I understand the auth model), so I was looking for something else cheap and cheerful. I also don’t like how you can’t get a non publicly accessible link to the message for general reference purposes without doing some ugly workarounds.

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I agree completely. As I noted above, I’ve gone back and forth a bit with Spark and Apple Mail but I’ve settled on Apple Mail for the reason you mentioned and others. Give Cardhop a try; I think you’ll like it.

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I think that iOS mail will default to last emailed? Or maybe it learns and will keep sending to most common one. That’s at least what I’ve noticed for my own.