Defcon Level 1 event notifications

I am ABSOLUTELY terrible at paying attention to my reminders for event notifications.

Does anyone know if there an app or a shortcut/workflow that will blink my screen(s) or provide an audible warning (I’d love to have it on my computer (Big Sur) and on all of the iOS devices so it doesn’t matter where I am.

I missed two important meetings because I was neck deep in other stuff!

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Welcome. Due will definitely get your attention and not give up until you take notice. I use it to remind me to take my meds and not forget important meetings, etc.


+1 for Due

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Another +1 for Due.

Set it to use one of the loud and long notifications (I use Samba Whistle for when I really don’t want to miss the notification) and auto repeat every minute until you acknowledge it.

Once you are on i*OS 15 (beta or full release when it comes), if you use Focus, don’t forget to add Due to the apps allowed to notify during a Focus mode.


I just put stuff in my calendar with appropriate notifications and they show up on all my devices so it’s hard to miss. The watch usually gets my attention the most.

Thanks for the suggestion of Due; I’ll check it out.

Does anyone know if it will read my exchange calendar, or will I have to set the reminders in two places? That would be a non-starter, if it doesn’t read the existing events. That isn’t clear in the info in the App Store description.

You can only use Due’s own reminders or import them from Apple Reminders. That put me off at first too, but I haven’t come across anything else that can persistently nag you like Due does. I continue to use Things for complex task and project management, and Due for simple tasks that I need to be nagged about (e.g. taking medication, or getting ingredients for the dinner I’ve planned for the same day).


This is the way. Also if you have an Apple Watch Due works great there!

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I found it! It’s called Dato, on the App Store and SetApp: Dato — Sindre Sorhus

You set a reminder on your calendar, and Data presents a full screen reminder for you. Finally, I’m on time for meetings!

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