Defer Reminders

Each day my Apple Reminders app suggests a number of tasks due on that day. Almost always I choose to defer one or two of them and prioritise a select few.

On Mac I can right click and choose from a (limited) selection of deadlines - Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week (also available with a keystroke).

I can’t find a similar option on iOS without going into the item and selecting the calendar. Not a hardship, but it would be nice to be quicker in the morning as I quickly scan tasks.

Am I missing something? Or is there another application I should be using that would facilitate deferring tasks more quickly?

Deferring for a week is 7 taps, but Due is available on Mac and iOS.


Or (for Due) just tap the datetime on the reminder, and change the date using the calendar.
On the Apple Watch, you can “reply” to the reminder with a new date.

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In Apple Reminders, if you tap on the reminder in any list, you get an icon row above the keyboard. Tap on the Calendar at the left and you get a set of options:

If you are in the Today view, you can swipe right to get some sweet options:

Hope this helps.


It does. I generally haven’t worked in the Today view. I will now!

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If you keep swiping all the way to the right, the Tomorrow default option is automatically selected, rather than swiping and then tapping it.

Not quite sure where the sweet options came from… my fingers typed basic in my head.

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