Defter Notes anybody?

I just stumbled upon this app and it looks really interesting. I like the (apparent) flexibility and UX. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m intrigued. Anybody using it for journaling or meeting notes (or anything else)? @jsamlarose are you still using it since your last post?

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Yep. Love it. I tend to use it as a research support tool; a canvas on which I can gather and arrange PDFs, images and handwritten notes before shifting into Drafts to write things up.

I’m also exploring Guga-Super Whiteboard, which does a lot of similar things. Both have been good for my purposes. Aside from any differences/similarities in features, Defter has a more responsive development team— I enjoy the feeling you get from working with something that’s being actively developed in a way that strikes a good balance between the team’s vision for the app and the needs of its users. I’m looking forward to seeing it grow.


Link for the interested:

Looks interesting but sticking with Muse for now.

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Might be worth noting (with no disrespect to Muse— it’s a solid app in this category) that Defter’s pricing is currently less expensive by comparison…

Holy moly! What a gorgeous app!
Are you enjoying using it?
One thing I’m still looking for is sharesheet support to get text into Drafts or emails or Omnifocus etc. Do they have that functionality? Any integration with reminders?
Thanks for sharing this even though you have given me buyers remorse!

I wonder if the app that Apple is releasing at one point this year will be similar…,

I do enjoy using Muse! Not a paying user at the moment but if I had the budget, Muse would be my first choice for investment. They have a good product, and the devs behind it are from Ink and Switch lab, a small indie team whose work I respect greatly, and who have clearly done their research before releasing a production-level product.

You can sharesheet any text on a card in Muse, so that might cover what you need - but I don’t use any task manager (just a gigantic TaskPaper-formatted list in Drafts) so you should test it out for yourself to make sure it fits your needs.


One thing I prefer about Defter (and Guga) is that you can zoom in or out of the canvas. I think Muse still constrains your view?

This was a considered choice by the Muse team, and I appreciate the rationale, it just doesn’t work so well for me— I feel like sometimes I need to draw back to see the entirety of the canvas before targeting the part I want to focus on. (Obvs, ignore this or set me straight if this has changed in more recent releases!)

I do like the idea of having a URL scheme to link to Muse items though. And I remember reading somewhere that they’re beta testing their own take on backlinks within the app?