Delayed app interactions

I’m on an M1 MacBook Pro, using Monterey, and I’m noticing some severe lag when apps need to communicate with one another.

For instance, running an Alfred workflow that opens several windows or tabs, or unlocking 1password from inside of a web browser, or triggering a keyboard maestro shortcut to move a file into a given directory, or when an app wants to log in by verifying in a web browser, to name four examples from this morning. (And I wouldn’t be surprised if it were also responsible for some of the troubles I’ve been having with my Scansnap.)

In any of those cases, I find myself waiting several minutes for the action to complete, and the relevant apps are usually tied up while they’re in process (that is, I can’t use Alfred again while I’m waiting for my workflow to fire).

Anyone familiar with the issue or possible solutions? This is quickly becoming my biggest ‘I miss Mojave’ pain point.

Have you checked Activity Monitor for possible culprits?

Hard to say, but that amount of delay is so egregious that it could require a reset or be a hardware issue if it’s not just one problem app hogging the processor, like John suggested.

Hardware test instructions: Use Apple Diagnostics to test your Mac - Apple Support

Safe mode test instructions: How to use safe mode on your Mac - Apple Support