Delete Apps on Mac

Hi, I need help uninstalling apps. The icons jiggle but there is no X to delete the app. Thanks!

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Thanks! The icon x wasn’t there so I forgot what else I could do or something!!!

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Also important to realize: unlike iPhone/iPads…removing an app from Launchpad on the Mac does not delete it… it just removes it from Launchpad.

Thanks, TJ! I knew it was more involved than on an iPad.

So it is ok to delete from the Application folders, right?

Yes, if you want to actually delete apps, then you need to delete them from the /Applications/ folder.

(Of course some/most/all of the Apple apps cannot be deleted, but other other apps can be. If they are apps from the Mac App Store you will need to enter your administrator password to delete them.)

Gotcha!! Thank you ever so much!

@Katie You might be interested in a utility called AppCleaner, which will thoroughly uninstall apps (all the associated files apps install across the system). It’s free. But deleting them from the /Applications folder is perfectly fine too.


Thank you so much, Jake!

@Katie, don’t you have Setapp? You can use CleanMyMac X to uninstall apps. When you open CleanMyMac X you will see Uninstaller on the left. When clicked it will show you a list of your installed apps and you can uninstall from there.

Terrific!!! Thank you so very much!

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